Mothers Day Gifts

Premium leather good lasts forever. Give the true gift of love this Mother’s Day with a one of a kind leather good.


We turn 25 years old this year, a monumental milestone for us. Stay tuned to see what special surprise commemorates our achievement.convenient access to your newspaper or novel.


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Leather is a natural durable and flexible material created by tanning animal raw hides and skins. The most common raw material is cattle hide. 
There are 4 Basic Leather Qualities – ( Leather Grades ). 
In we write obviously the kind of leather that used in our products, mainly we use full grain leather for its perfect characteristic
and value.


We designed Leather goods and accessories that we’d want to carry every single day.
Customers are important people for any business. Thus, it is important to work closely with customers to make sure that the products will fulfill their needs and requirements.
Each item is designed by a member of our team, often going through several stages of prototypes that team members try out and give feedback on.


Our Leather Goods and Accessories are handcrafted with love, in a small factory comprised of about 120 artisans, armed with more than 25 years of rich experience. We inspect each product by hand before it leaves the factory.
Our products have been enjoying a high reputation among our customers.
We export to Europe, Australia, French and North America, etc.

Customers Reviews

Havan Business Suitcase


Very Pleased

The bag is amazing. Simply stated the product quality exceeded my expectations!

The bag is roomy enough to hold not only my usual laptop and accessories but will also hold my tablet, power supply and mouse.
I am very pleased with the quality of the bag. The construction and trimmings all are first rate. The leather is a bit stiff at first but softens quickly. The shoulder strap and pad adjusted easily and is comfortable.
Thank you for a great product.

Vintage Backpack


Functional and high quality

First off, this rucksack is beautiful and the quality is fantastic. The leather is thick enough to feel sturdy but still flexible and not heavy to carry. I love the look of the vintage style leather, it looks “scuffed” and matte, and it gives it so much character. I bought this bag to use for traveling and carrying my children’s stuff.  
One thing I was happy to see was the D-ring on the side of the interior. I like using that to hook on a carabiner with my car keys, so I don’t have to dig around the bottom of the bag.
The straps are adjustable and comfortable. Overall, I trust that this bag will hold up for years if not decades.

I’m very pleased with my choice.

Classic Wallet


Good Quality- Great Price.

I love this wallet. The credit card slots were a little tight at first but they are getting loose now. Every time I pull my wallet out I’m reminded of the genuine smell of leather. I used to have a Tri fold but I really like this double. I am very impressed with the quality given how comparatively inexpensive it was to purchase. It’s definitely a BIG wallet- but that’s actually perfect for me because I travel frequently into Europe for business, and I’m always annoyed at the Euro bills sticking out of the top of my old wallet. No more problems there! I also really like the design of this particular wallet- it’s got two separate bill sections, which again is SUPER handy if you travel internationally. I’m going to use that to keep my different currencies apart while traveling. The leather quality looks great, and will definitely look even better over time as it develops a patina. Good quality wallet and the price is awesome.

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