Natural Leather Grades – Leather Ranks
Natural Leather Grades – Leather Ranks

Natural Leather Grades – Leather Ranks

Natural Leather Grades – Leather Ranks
A general guide to leather ranks

You might think that “Leather”  is just a by-product of the meat industry, leather is a valuable material in itself, and is worth Millions. In some cases, notably in ostrich farming where the skin is worth 4 times the value of the meat, it is leather that is the main trade, and meat the by-product.
The most common raw material is cattle hide. It is often made at producing scales starting from craftsman to modern industrial scale.
Leather is produced in a wide variety of types and styles and decorated by a wide range of techniques. The earliest record of leather artifacts dates back to more than 2200 BC.

Leather is a famous material desirable from many for its strength and flexibility. It is made mainly from tanned cow skins and many different animals.
In that article we talk only about cow’s leather, in another article we will categories “Exotic Skins” Snakes, Alligators, Crocodiles, and other reptiles 
Leather has three basic ranks or grains, depending on the anatomy of the cow’s skin:

  • Full grain leather.
  • Top-grain leather.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Corrected grain leather


Full grain leather is characterized by its smooth surface, luxurious and durability. It is the most valuable type of cow leather. It has not been sanded, snuffed, or buffed to remove any natural marks or imperfections from the leather surface.

Its fibers are stable and durable because the grain has not been removed. There is less moisture in the leather from any long contact as the grain has a characteristic of breathing. This type of leather is very strong does not wear out easily.
Instead, it develops a patina, which is a thin layer that protects the leather from damage from corrosion, it also gives the leather a vintage look. It is used in making high-quality footwear, jackets, accessories, and furniture.


Top grain leather has the second-highest leather quality of the high-end category of natural cow leather products. It is more flexible and thinner. Its surface is sanded, and a finish coat is added to make it less breathable with a plastic feel and this makes it seem cooler. Also, it develops pinna that protects it from damage and wearing, making it last longer.
It has higher stain resistance and cheaper than full-grain leather.

GENUINE LEATHER (Lowest Natural Leather Grades)

Genuine leather is made from real cowhides. In the category of real leather products, genuine leather is the cheapest in quality. These products are made from the leftover of leather after the high-end products are made.

The products manufactured from it do not look or feel as pleasing compared to those made from high-quality leather.
As well, products made from genuine leather do not last for a long period before they wear out. However, most people can buy this type of leather product as they sold at a reasonable price.


Corrected grain leather is a special type of leather, which is corrected and fixed by experienced leather workers to better its functionality and artistic qualities. An artificial grain has been embossed on the top and dressed-out using dyes and pressure. Imperfections are usually sanded off and then corrected.

In “” we write obviously the kind of leather that used in our products, mainly we use full grain leather for its perfect characteristic and value.

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