We are passionate about pushing the limits of leather goods design and creating products with soul. You have to know that handmade full grain leather wallets worth more than 5 Times other Wallets made automatically by millions from cheap materials.

Each design is a new challenge that we face with naivety, passion and good taste. We believe in products that captivate the senses, that evoke emotions, which are unique yet familiar. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to achieve the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. 

We only use the highest quality natural materials we can get our hands-on, and we are on the mission to locally source as much as possible and keep our ecological footprint low. Every product is handcrafted in our studio. In every product we keep alive the traditional art of hand stitching as every product has a hand stitch piece. Our brand “” is trusted by customers in over 25 years in 5 continents. 

Watching our designs come to life and receiving customers’ notes of satisfaction from places all over the globe continue to propel the dream forward. Meeting nice folks along the way continues to be the best perk of the job!

All our products are made of Full Grain Leather
Full Grain Leather

Understanding Leather and the 4 Grades: Full Grain, Top Grain, Genuine and Bonded

If you looked at leather from the side through a magnifying glass, you’d see that it’s made up of a whole bunch of strings, called fibers. The Upper Layer of the leather has what’s called The Grain. It’s like the hard tough shingles or tiles on top of the roof. Without it, the roof would fall apart and need to be replaced pretty quickly. The Grain is the strongest, most dense and water-resistant part of the leather because the fibers are so tightly packed in and woven around each other. The Grain is the good stuff that gives leather its reputation for toughness.

The Middle Layer of the leather is called The Corium. It’s like the plywood of the roof and is strong, but only about half as strong as The Grain.

The Bottom Layer of fibers is called The Flesh. The bottom layer of fibers is called The Flesh. It isn’t very strong because the fibers aren’t as tightly woven together and are loosely laying down horizontally next to each other.

The 4 Different Grades of Leather 

 Full Grain Leather  So, if the piece of leather has not had any of the top part of the hide removed to get rid of scars, then it still has all of the grain. We call that Full Grain Leather. It’s about 10% heavier because of its density and twice as strong as other leather of the same thickness that had the grain shaved off. It’s expensive to make briefcases and wallets with it because we have to cut out and throw all of the scars, ranchers brands and bat and bug bites into the trash. But it’s worth it. It’s what Saddleback Leather and a number of other high quality companies build their briefcases, wallets and backpacks out of.

 Top Grain Leather When the very top of the hide is sanded or shaved off to get rid of scars and blemishes, it’s called Top Grain or Corrected Grain. It still pretty good leather but a lot of the toughness has been removed. Now a lot less of the hide will be thrown in the trash because they don’t have to cut around as many scars. But along with the scars, they shaved off most of the tough grain. It’s like having very thin shingles on your roof. Still protective, but just not the same. There’s still some strong roof there, but your briefcase is not going to last as long without the top layer. Top Grain Leather is still pretty strong, but not nearly as durable nor as water resistant as Full Grain Leather. If your briefcase or backpack is made of the lesser, yet decent, top grain leather, it will not age as gracefully nor develop as good looking of a patina.

Genuine Leather (Split Leather or Suede) – When they split off the top half of the hide, it’s like splitting the shingles and tar paper off and only leaving the plywood for the roof. They split off all of the tough grain and sell that piece to us. The bottom part has been neutered and is called Genuine or Split Leather. An equally thick piece of Genuine Leather is only about 50% as strong as Full Grain Leather and weighs about 10% less because it isn’t as dense. A leather backpack made with Neutered Leather is still way better than any junk nylon backpack for sure. This leather is usually treated, painted and pressed smooth to look like full grain leather, but it falls apart after too much rubbing and bending. It dries out quickly or soaks up water easily and can hold a stain with one arm tied behind it’s back. Genuine Leather is about ½ the price of Full Grain.
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If they don’t press it and leave it kind of fuzzy, then that’s called Suede Leather. It’s great leather for making things look good, but should never be used to make a lasting briefcase, wallet, duffle bag or backpack.

Bonded Leather – Bonded leather is made from the scrap leather we throw away or the shavings of the grain that the tannery took off to get rid of scars. They grind it up, mix it with glues and chemicals, along with a smidge of dog poop, and make the equivalent of leather vinyl out of it. Other names for it are Pleather, Reconstituted, Corinthian or Bonded Leather is the PT Cruiser of the leather world. It looks okay kind of, but it shouldn’t be used. 

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