purpose is to produce leather goods that not only make you look good, but that also make a positive difference in the world, By making well made and eco friendly leather goods and accessories. Research has shown that a significant part of the environmental impact of leather is in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is not only the chemicals used in the tanning process that should determine how eco-friendly the leather is.

To combat this we control:

  • Restricted substances
  • Energy consumption
  • Air emissions
  • Waste consumption
  • Effluent treatment
Handmade Full Grain leather Products - Wallets
Sewing Leather

What make Leather Goods so unique is our high-quality products with affordable prices. The traditional artisan method is to work with a very small team, producing high-quality products slowly. These goods are generally very high quality, and have inimitable character.

The traditional mass-production method is the opposite. A large group works quickly and efficiently to produce a lot of something. These productions work because each product is much less expensive. However, the items are generally lower quality.

Our method is different from both of these. We are artists who ensure the quality of everything we work on. We still hand-make all of our products from start to finish, top-quality leather goods with a lot of character. However, we’ve streamlined our process to be able to offer prices that even college students can afford!

We handle all of our customer service from within the workshop, meaning anyone who answers your call or email is in direct communication with the makers of your custom item. Not outsourcing these steps allows us to ensure top quality leather goods and top quality customer service.

the most important aspect of a successfully run business; taking care of our customer’s as our family. By investing in one of our beautiful leather goods, you aren’t just purchasing a high quality leather good that will last you a lifetime; you’re investing in a belief that our customers, not our items, are what make us one of a kind.
Handmade Full Grain leather Products - Wallets

With our enduring love for leather and constant drive for perfection, Leather Goods has become what it is today – a beautiful collection of stylish and fashionable leather goods of uncompromising quality, to be appreciated by consumers seeking the very best craftsmanship leather has to offer. We never considered short-cuts and vowed to only offer our customers the highest quality leather products available all designed to outlast generations and countless adventures.
Brand loyalty for Leather goods over the last 25 years has been nothing short of exceptional.
Our constant attention to detail has resulted in many signature design elements that have positioned Leather as one of the highest-quality leather brands available, including RFID lining, premium durable zippers, strong stitching, and sand-cast solid brass fittings which are all individually hand poured into molds.

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